Our GTA 5 Lobby was HACKED
Rajkaran Virk
Rajkaran Virk 2 timer siden
I saw this tiny thing sticking out behind the goal, I thought it was a camera from the camera man throwing the ball back onto the pitch, but it was actually JJ's Hair 😂😂 9:45
N0V4 2 timer siden
2:04 nahh fam thats out of order reddit u know what to do
EndzoneTV 2 timer siden
What is the name of the intro song?
Kris Forbes
Kris Forbes 2 timer siden
The content on this channel😍there might need to be a more more sidemen
kevin nguyen
kevin nguyen 2 timer siden
Do you reckon ethan had a broken toe?
V STAN 2 timer siden
That little smudge is just making me crazy
NyanTacoCat 2 timer siden
Whoever editing those chairs. 👍
Red Bird
Red Bird 2 timer siden
7:20 im dying
Hitman Visura
Hitman Visura 2 timer siden
We want to see sidemen play rugby
Usmaan Ali
Usmaan Ali 2 timer siden
#Replace ethan with freezy
Curtis Eyre
Curtis Eyre 2 timer siden
Anyone else notice Ethan started doing WWE chants, "You suck!, you suck!" - Kurt Angles Theme Music and then "YES!, YES!, YES!" Daniel Bryan.
Nathan Craigs
Nathan Craigs 2 timer siden
They should do a killer game of basketball
Jay Shah
Jay Shah 2 timer siden
Anybody else notice that Harry’s first kick didn’t even spin?
Toby Thorpe
Toby Thorpe 2 timer siden
7:05 let’s appreciate the editing here
Ziad Alharbi
Ziad Alharbi 2 timer siden
69k likes wow
Galavis232RO 2 timer siden
Harry: This is easy!Lower...higher...I don't know.
Basketball-MVP 2 timer siden
Anyone see at 7:05 it said behind the goals on the seats, “One Of Us” ?
Pav 2 timer siden
Why is there always money involved. I’d watch it either way
Adil Ameen
Adil Ameen 2 timer siden
Harold got the best volley skills
Scally Snake
Scally Snake 2 timer siden
I feel like I could actually be good friends with Harry but I mean I live in the US and also I think other people feel that way and he might be overwhelmed with people like that and fans being happy just to see him. I could never handle the stress of people rushing to talk to you and being happy just for you signing something
narwhal 2 timer siden
Jade Stancic
Jade Stancic 2 timer siden
Any one see the chairs edited to spell one of us
Big Rat
Big Rat 2 timer siden
definitely fucking not 0:17
Lucio_Is_ Bae
Lucio_Is_ Bae 2 timer siden
Sidemen editors are bang bro, the ‘one of us’ on the seats when jj and bilk were chanting it purely made me laugh
Yung Cam
Yung Cam 2 timer siden
I am harry when playing with friends 💀😂
InvincibleGuy 2 timer siden
Nah but that no look hit from JJ though... different!!
Silver the Sidemen Plug
Silver the Sidemen Plug 2 timer siden
7:03 that edit was underrated
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 timer siden
Harry hit his signature crossbar shot was funny shiit to see again😂 but it was 🔥
Ben Peters-Brown
Ben Peters-Brown 2 timer siden
Harry:picks up ball Cross bar: my time has come
Usmaan Ali
Usmaan Ali 2 timer siden
Does ethan have any opinion of his own literary the most boring guy
SciFiGuy 12354
SciFiGuy 12354 2 timer siden
Lmao jj just mining straight down with his fist not caring about any logic
Sophie Lewis
Sophie Lewis 3 timer siden
pretty sure Ethan just wanted to give away that 50 quid
Meh ._
Meh ._ 3 timer siden
The watch time after jj went out: 📉📉📉
Silvia Zia
Silvia Zia 3 timer siden
Tobi should always do the trivela he’s so good at it Edit: OMG I WROTE THIS COMMENT BEFORE TOBI HIT THE CROSSBAR WITH A TRIVELA. OMG WHAT!
TEE 3 timer siden
Second channel way better
George Cooke
George Cooke 3 timer siden
Harry’s boots look so nice, I want to get them after seeing them on this vid wth
Jakir Hossain
Jakir Hossain 3 timer siden
7:05 look at the seats on the background It says'one of us' a small nice edit
PeZaa 3 timer siden
Anyone know the music at 11:20
Blxze_ Rocket league
Blxze_ Rocket league 3 timer siden
7:01 hahahaha
Caron Evans
Caron Evans 3 timer siden
Ethan made the most out of his broken toe
TCS 3 timer siden
Crossbar knockout🔥. Good idea ngl
Grant Craig
Grant Craig 3 timer siden
Stephen is has the humour of Jj and crackhead energy from Harry and insults from Phil
Felix Ge
Felix Ge 3 timer siden
The sidemen are so funny bc they are a genuine friend group that bullies each other
Bob Hed
Bob Hed 3 timer siden
Do you reckon Ethan has a broken toe
Jayne Harrison
Jayne Harrison 3 timer siden
It’s just not the same anymore
Ite Shinkaiye
Ite Shinkaiye 3 timer siden
tobi and simon really said tekkers only and time to smash it
Phil 3 timer siden
Sidemen NEED to play Gartic Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean Lonie
Sean Lonie 3 timer siden
yayoungboyben 3 timer siden
13:52 i would’ve been so scared
Thorney 3 timer siden
behz with the wwe references makes me happy
kje997 3 timer siden
Three things are certain in life: 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Harry hitting the crossbar with a volley
Luinor 3 timer siden
Simon minter is a troll
KR Studio
KR Studio 3 timer siden
Song when Harry vollies the crossbar? 7:50
Rupert Toller
Rupert Toller 3 timer siden
The reaction when jj hit a no look crossbar was so dead bruh I miss when they all went crazy
CoS; chaxsthexry
CoS; chaxsthexry 3 timer siden
7:13 the ball disappears for a bit
jaden law
jaden law 3 timer siden
Big shout out to the editor constantly killing it
K1NG FalconGaming
K1NG FalconGaming 3 timer siden
Pranzi 3 timer siden
Poor vik went to the shoot to kick a ball once 😂😂😂
Kalhan Pandita
Kalhan Pandita 3 timer siden
I don’t know if David Dobrik would be at bae anymore
The Asian Beast
The Asian Beast 3 timer siden
lets gooo
Jajis Balaz
Jajis Balaz 3 timer siden
Caleb Hutchison
Caleb Hutchison 3 timer siden
Why do I feel like they are eliminating from the wrong order? It should be if the first guy misses and the second guy hits it, the first bloke is out, not the other way around. Just my observation
Ahmed Gamal
Ahmed Gamal 3 timer siden
1:14 song ?
Tk Ho
Tk Ho 3 timer siden
The music made it too predictable
Tim 3 timer siden
Simon is looking more and more like Freezy with every passing day
Yeetus 3 timer siden
7:06 this editor is mad. Look at the chairs in the background.
Blazin Smokes
Blazin Smokes 3 timer siden
Harry's volley.. Was similar as Now it's a free for all shot.
Humza Malikk
Humza Malikk 3 timer siden
Harry is actually to OP fpr hitting tht half volley crossbar again!!!
Usmaan Ali
Usmaan Ali 3 timer siden
This ethan guy literally has no opinion of his own always looking at others decisions
badskrad 1
badskrad 1 3 timer siden
You should do a horse version of this. Like horse in basketball but you modify it to be a crossbar challenge
True North
True North 3 timer siden
3:35 Song?
Jordan Lampard
Jordan Lampard 3 timer siden
Tobi was easily Gunna win because he had josh infront of him
AlexTheBest 3 timer siden
0:17 how times have changed
Lil Mong
Lil Mong 3 timer siden
anyone kno the song name at 3:35 ?
JMW 3 timer siden
One of the cleanest no look crossbars 👏
jadedbrow 3 timer siden
The way Ethan just talks man sends me 😂
Just TJJ
Just TJJ 3 timer siden
someone tell fucking tobi that the mask is usless if he takes it away all the time and touches it all the time jesus
Raphael Riane Musni
Raphael Riane Musni 3 timer siden
KSI really did vik like that in the start well................
Raphael Riane Musni
Raphael Riane Musni 3 timer siden
Oh no! Anyways....
Lachlan Prowse
Lachlan Prowse 3 timer siden
I hope the next person to sit on that seat sees this video
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 3 timer siden
They will get a new seat mate
Galavis232RO 3 timer siden
18:53 Me when I hit my toe